We are a company that doing: e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, and Product Sourcing.

About Us

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about our company. We’re a company based in Surakarta, Indonesia, but we work with clients and customers from all over the globe specially in USA. Our team is made up of experts who are passionate about all things digital.

We’re constantly learning and staying up to date on industry trends, so we can offer the best services to our clients and customers. In addition to our marketing services, we also have our own products that we sell online and offline. We take great pride in creating top-notch, innovative products that solve problems and make life easier.

What We Do

Product Sourcing

We are looking and obtaining the raw materials or finished products that we needs to sell in USA.


Our company is the umbrella organization for several e-commerce brands, each with its own specialized to USA market.

Digital Marketing

We promote and sell products, creating a website, advertising online, and using social media to reach customers.

Shipping and Logistic

We send the product to our logistic partner that manage shipment to the end buyer.

Our Value

Our company values an agile working culture, which means that we are flexible and responsive to change. This approach allows us to be more adaptable and efficient, and it helps us deliver the best results for our clients. In practice, this means that we prioritize continuous learning and improvement, and we encourage our team members to be proactive in suggesting new ideas and approaches. We also have a flat organizational structure, which allows for easy communication and collaboration across departments.

Our agile working culture also extends to our project management processes. We use agile methodologies, such as Scrum, to manage our projects. This allows us to break down larger projects into smaller, manageable chunks and to deliver them iteratively. This approach allows for more flexibility and allows us to make adjustments as needed based on feedback from our clients. Overall, our agile working culture allows us to be responsive and flexible, and it helps us deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Our Other Industry


We serve the best coffee and bistro fare, using only the freshest ingredients and skilled baristas. Relax in one of our cozy seating options, including outdoor tables with views of the caldera.

Clothing Manufacturer

Our clothing manufacturing service specializes in creating high-quality apparel for businesses and brands. We offer design consultation, prototyping, fabric sourcing, and production services. 

Digital Marketing Agency

we helps businesses and organizations manage their social media and digital presence.